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Sparkle Wellness & Detox helps you access your innate vitality… so you can shine your unique light


Realign with your natural vitality.

Imagine each of the trillion of cells in your body communicating smoothly… your internal processes running without impedance, all fully nourished and supported.

You feel alive, awake, inspired, intelligent and peaceful. You have great energy levels, healthy repair and replacement of cells, you think clearly, feel amazing and can contribute to your world in a way that satisfies you and brings others happiness.

This is the potential of your human life.

This is why Sparkle Wellness & Detox exists. To support you – step by step and day by day – to make great choices in your life.

To help you to shine like the star you really are.

Fundamental Problem.

Today, every living organism on the planet contains persistent synthetic chemicals, such as the pesticide DDT. Even the Papua New Guinea Highlanders, who never used chemicals in their food production, have traces of these chemicals in their blood. This is due to the interconnected winds and water systems of Earth.

We are exposed to and accumulate toxins every day, from our environment and from our busy, stress-rich and often sedentary lives. The barrage of physical, mental and emotional stressors can overwhelm the body’s normal detoxification process, particularly when combined with poor nutrition, lack of exercise or a disconnection from ourselves, nature or other living beings. These things can impede the healthy flow of energy in your bodymind.

The way we live, and every choice and action we make, can either perpetuate this toxicity or can aide the regeneration of health.

It’s a real choice that each of us can make.

Fundamental Solution.

‘The healing power of nature’ is a power that regenerates to serve life.

Within Sparkle Courses there is a belief in an innate, healing intelligence that heals and regenerates. This concept is referred to as vitality, chi or prana and underpins many natural medicines that have been practiced for centuries.

There are so many biochemical-electrical processes occurring within a human body all of the time. Evidence of these sophisticated mechanisms is being revealed, as scientists develop the tools to understand and measure them better. Scientific evidence is often showing us why and how natural methods of healing are effective, however there is much that is not scientifically proven.

Vitality, however, can be evidenced by feeling it.

As humanity ‘wakes up’, we becomes more aware of how precious life is and how we can influence our own lives. Every person can align their thoughts and actions to serve vitality, and nourish the things that are of true value.

We can all partake in “making life more wonderful”.

Sparkle Wellness & Detox courses are all about helping you to do that.

Sally Mathrick, naturopath and detox expert

Created by Sally Mathrick Naturopath

Sally Mathrick is a practising Naturopath since 2003 and runs Sound Medicine, a naturopathic wellness consultancy providing individual and group wellness. Sally’s approach is wholistic, embracing not just the whole individual (body-mind-emotion) but also the Earth (environment-society). This understanding of interconnectedness and our capacity to consciously and compassionately interact with it, underpins Sparkle Wellness & Detox courses.

Sally was DIY Detox column at Wellbeing Australia Magazine for 8 years, and has written extensively on cleansing and natural detoxification. She runs wellness courses and fasting retreats in Australia, and has worked and published internationally. She holds numerous university degrees and is a life-long learner.