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I am a naturopath and health writer believing that each individual's wellness is the key to flourishing on Earth, and that using compassion and our understanding of interconnectedness, we might just get there.

Regenerative Eating Trend # 3: Fast regularly

Fasting is the voluntary cessation of eating for a defined period of time.

Done well (that is, when well prepared in body and mind) fasting clears, heals and empowers us like nothing else can.

Psychologically, we train ourselves to sit with hunger and discomfort, rather than reacting rashly. This capacity for poise […]

Regenerative Food Trend # 2: Eat 50 Different Foods Every Day

We are so privileged to have access to so many different foods, to keep us nourished as well as interested through a diversity of tastes, textures, aromas and colours.

We have a wonderland of foods available to us; funghi, seaweeds (the greens of the ocean), legumes, wholegrains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, […]

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Regenerative Food Trend # 1: Meat as a Side

Most meat eaters refer to dinner in terms of meat; “Having lamb roast/ chicken / steak/ hamburger”.

Generally salads, vegetables and grains are not considered to be the core of the meal, but rather “sides”.

However, we can shift the focus shifts to the grain, think millet, rice, teff, quinoa, wheat pasta, […]

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Regenerative Food Trends of 2020’s

Eight regenerative eating trends to nourish the planet during the “deciding decade”.

What if every mouthful you ate generated a positive impact on global warming, nurtured great personal health, plus paved a regenerative path for our collective future?

The truth is, even in these uncertain times, what we choose to eat has […]

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