Sparkle Detox Course

Shine like the star you really are!

Sally Mathrick

5-Phases of Sparkle Detox

Sparkle Detox Course gives you effective tools and inspiration that support internal cleansing and enhance your natural energy; one step at a time.

Detox doesn’t mean deprivation, suffering and taking a million pills and potions. It’s a gentle exploration of the things you want to let go of, and the things you want to embrace that make you shine!

Sparkle Detox is a cleansing process that provides you with the foundation for inner body cleansing. It uses foods, herbs, fasting and hydration practices, mindfulness, nature connection and gives insight to supplements that can support your natural detoxification and rejuvenation.

“In just 4 weeks I gained a greater awareness of my body and its needs – and what it doesn’t need!  I easily lost 3 kilos that I had been unable to budge through diet and exercise… Couldn’t recommend the Sparkle detox highly enough!
– Michelle Murphy

Great value at $89

5-phase Sparkle Detox Introduction from Sally Mathrick on Vimeo.

Sparkle Detox Course leads you step by step

Think about the satisfaction you feel when you sort out a messy cupboard. Now just imagine how you’d feel doing that to your body and mind, then hanging out in the clarity of that space!

Sparkle Detox helps you to release the dross and create space for your evolving self to open to the delightful, fresh fascination with your unique and precious human life.

“It has made a profound shift in the way I do life – my pantry looks different and I feel far more optimistic than I did 3 weeks ago. So grateful! Thank you” – Leanne Bendigo

Cleansing is fundamental to good health.

Natural detoxification occurs in each cell all the time. Yet, when there are too many toxicants entering our bodies, we store those  that exceed our detoxification capacity, and accumulate a “toxic body burden”.  Sadly, every living being on the planet currently contains human-made synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. These toxicants are the negative legacy of industrialisation and contaminate much of the food we eat, air we breathe, and water we drink. Plus today our lives are increasingly busy and stressful, yet often sedentary. The standard western diet is nutrient poor.



Add these factors together and it means our body’s normal detoxification processes are challenged. This can open the door to a wide range of inflammation based issues – that can manifest as arthritis and skin disorders, to infertility and cancers.

Regular cleansing periods are a great way to support and enhance natural detoxification and boost your vitality. Humans and animals naturally fast or undergo cleansing periods. Such periods are embedded in many cultures and religions.

“As someone who came into this course after an illness, I can’t recommend it highly enough – I am feeling fantastic – re-energised and revitalised!” – Jenny Melbourne

Excess toxins contribute to a wide range of symptoms and signs, from muscle aches, low energy and disrupted sleep to skin issues, digestive complaints and dulled thinking.

Cleansing helps realign you with your natural vitality.

“Wow, I’m already noticing differences from the dietary changes we’ve been making, sleeping much better, much less lower back pain at night and losing weight too.”  – Gail Bendigo

Because our Earth is, by and large, polluted, so are we. Therefore, it’s important to have adequate resources before starting a more intense “detox” process. There’s an array of basics which need to be addressed to enable a safe and beneficial cleanse.

The 5-Phase Sparkle Detox Process – created by Sally Mathrick Naturopath

5-Phases of Sparkle Detox

Sparkle Detox process guides you to first undergo a comprehensive preparation process. Then you’re offered a range of options for an ‘intense’ detox, including intermittent fasting and juice fasting. Throughout Sparkle Detox Course you are guided to reduce toxins in your life and to “recalibrate normal”. You start to establish beneficial, supportive habits for a more vital, fulfilling life.

Phase 1: Preparing to Rejuvenate
Phase 2: Create the Conditions
Phase 3: Reduce Toxins and Support Detox
Phase 4: Open and Release
Phase 5: Your New Normal

“The whole course was so much better than I expected and am pleased to say I achieved my goals… I learned more about my health, became healthier and lost weight. In the first week alone I was already getting comments from people about how great I was looking!’ – David Melbourne

Generally people set their time line for Sparkle Detox to a focused 3-5 week period, however, the pace is up to you. You can access the content for 12 weeks, so can return to review or implement some of the tips you didn’t do in the first instance.

“I have loved doing sparkle and have really been inspired .. The knowledge I have gained is priceless.” John, Melbourne

Sparkle Detox Course has been running since 2011, and has supported many people, as unique as you, to shine like the stars they are.

“The Sparkle course was fantastic – a good mix of information and practical tips for incorporating ‘wellness’ into every aspect of life. I learned a lot from the course and have made changes to not only my life but my families life as well for a healthier future – it was great!” – Genie, Melbourne


detox course   Ongoing access to an online learning environment that’s easy to navigate on any device

detox courseStreamlined direction and generous resources to lead you through five phases of Sparkle Detox, which prepare your mind, body and environment for more efficient cleansing

detox course
Information is ‘chunked down’ into 33 easy online lessons that deliver valuable information that has been devised by naturopath Sally Mathrick over the past 20 plus years of practice and education. This includes:

  • How to structure your “fasting” process
  • How to minimise detox reactions
  • Webinars on fasting and breaking bad habits
  • Quiz to Assess your toxic burden
  • Checklist to Detox your home and office
  • Delicious detox Recipes #deliciouswithbenefits
  • Detox Juice recipes
  • Detox Herb Manual
  • Shopping Lists
  • 9 summary emails delivered over 4 weeks period
  • Links to additional accurate external resources for those interested in finding out more

PLUS No need to purchase tonnes of supplements. Sparkle Detox is based on foods, herbs and (in some cases) a few supplements that are easily accessible from grocery and health food stores.

Great value at $89

30 day money back guarantee!

If you are not happy with your Sparkle Detox Course, we will happily refund your money in full, no questions asked.  We’d be super interested to know what you felt was missing, as every body has loved it so far!!

“I found the Sparkle Wellness & Detox course extremely rewarding. It helped me realise how choosing whole foods can completely change the way you look at eating. I feel fresher and more awake than I have in years. Sally was fantastic throughout the duration of the course and I felt well supported the whole time. Her guidance was invaluable. I will definitely be changing the way I live my life from now on and will enjoy my new ‘normal’.” – Grace  2012