Sparkle Well Nourish:
The best way to lose weight
is to gain health!!

Nourish is a holistic, healthy weight management
program to help you live the best version of yourself!

Feel more sparkly now – Accessible anytime & anywhere

Devised by leading Australian naturopath and health educator Sally Mathrick, this course guides, empowers, and frees you from ‘nutritional confusion’. It is a supported, nurturing 8-week journey which you can do fully online, or with additional face to face support. It is the best way to lose weight, through building health and vitality!

Sparkle Nourish course

Nourish Your Body

How do you losing surplus kilos in a healthy way? By developing an intimate relationship with how you nourish your body. Eat your way to your healthy weight!

Sparkle Nourish guides you to experience nutritious wholefood  as part of your life, which also prevents developing chronic diseases. #deliciouswithbenefits

Nourish Your Thinking

Tired of the “Low Fat”, “No carbs”, “Keto” fad diet confusion? Sparkle Nourish steers away from the nutritional neurosis and guides you to what, where and how to both nourish yourself and achieve your healthy weight. Plus, eating in this way helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which means that each mouthful leads towards healthier planet…

Nourish Your Emotions

Sparkle Nourish helps you explore emotions behind cravings… what influences your eating choices and patterns, and how your emotional state is impacted by what you eat. Step by step, Sparkle Nourish lets you regain control and make nourishing decisions. Not to attain some media-driven ideal of who you should be, but to fully live in your version of robust health and authenticity.

Nourish your version of RUDE HEALTH

Nourish Our Environment

What we eat (and don’t eat) every day has a huge impact on the greenhouse gasses entering the environment (Project Drawdown). Sparkle Nourish dietary guidelines are aligned with the predominantly plant-based, flexitarian style Planetary Health Diet, which is a key way we can all create health for ourselves, our families, communities and ultimately for our planet.

Nourish Your Power

In Sparkle Well Nourish, you will discover ways of eating, thinking and moving that promote healthy longevity and sustainable healthy weight loss. Practices that nurture. One step at a time, you start to tune in with your inner knowing of what makes you really feel good. There are many ways to nourish yourself. The key is to nourish the way YOU need, that feels right for YOU.

What’s in Sparkle Nourish Course?

  • Over 50 effective hacks to weave into your life and enhance fat loss, nourish your cells and build self-confidence
  • Weekly simple action steps to help you stay on track
  • Inspiration, insight and guidance to help tailor your own individual plan for your optimal wellbeing
  • Knowledge of how to tone your tummy, balance your hormones and enhance your vitality
  • Guided relaxation mp3 audio files
  • Record keeping logs & Shopping lists
  • Videos, Webinars and audio lectures
  • Individual consultation and coaching to identify and treat your unique situation (as per your selected course option)

Side effects of Sparkle Nourish include:

  • Healthy weight loss
  • Looking fantastic
  • Feeling really good
  • Self-determination in how you look after yourself
  • Empowerment in how you look after the planet

Sparkle Nourish Online

  • Comprehensive online program

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Sparkle Nourish

Online + Individual support

  • Comprehensive online program
  • Individual naturopathic consultation
  • Follow up consultation

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“What I love about Sally’s course is that it brings more awareness and mindfulness to total well being. There is a roundedness and a wholeness that nurtures not just the self but self responsibility. Highly recommended.”
– Natalie Wild

“…many improvements, generally and in all areas of life; physically, emotionally, spiritually. Dietary changes have contributed considerably.”
– Jodie Cornelius