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Nourish Course for healthy weight management

Feel & look good inside and out

Sparkle Nourish on-line course

The world of nutrition and weight loss is a political, confusing and an emotional whirlpool. Many factions scrambling to put their thoughts across, drowning out that

inner voice that knows ultimately what you need.

Nourish Course aims to empower you and free your from all that. It provides a balanced voice for your personalized, optimal nutrition.

Nourish is an 8-week nutrition and well-being program that focuses on nurturing your body and mind, developing a good relationship with food and living in a way that

naturally manages healthy weight. Inspired by wholefood ‘neurosis-free’ nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, positive psychology and naturopathic tenets, Nourish Course helps

you to nurture your authentic, individual, whole well being.

It’s not about fitting into a size 10 or attaining some media-driven ideal of who you ‘should’ be. It’s about living your unique life in your version of robust health.

“What I love about Sally’s course is that it brings more awareness and mindfulness to total well being. There is a roundedness and a wholeness that

nurtures not just the self but self responsibility. Highly recommended.” – Natalie Wild

Ladies who love Nourish…

“Very happy, had impacts on levels I was not anticipating – Amelia


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What’s included in Sparkle Nourish Course

nourish courseOnline learning environment that’s easy to navigate on any device, delivering a series of relaxation MP3s, check lists, videos, recipes, lectures on MP3s, information sheets, record keeping logs, shopping lists


nourish courseWeekly task lists emailed to you to help you stay on track


nourish courseWorkshops via videos and MP3s that show you how to:

  • make your own sauerkraut
  • sprout your own sprouts
  • activate your own nuts and seeds
  • create nourishing snacks and meals
  • understand what macro and micro nutrients are and how to get them
  • learn about seasonal eating
  • and much more…


“…many improvements, generally and in all areas of life; physically, emotionally, spiritually. Dietary changes have contributed considerably.”
– Jodie Cornelius