Shape Your Menopause Program

Lose 3cms belly fat (or more) – money back guarantee

The 6 – 12year Menopause Transition is as transformational as puberty.

A time when a woman

becomes her power“.

Menopausal weight gain is common during the Menopausal Transition… it can feel out of control.

Fat accumulates more readily around the belly, but this doesn’t have to happen!

Fostering loving acceptance and applying wholistic insights and vitalising therapeutics, you can keep your waistline.

Simultaneously, you will reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases, like arthritis, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

Program launches June 22 2024

The 12-week Shape Your Menopause Program will motivate, inspire, educate and illuminate you to positively influence how your travel your path through menopause and beyond.

PROGRAM GUARANTEE: 3cm (or more) slimmer waistline – or your money back!

You CAN control unwanted menopausal weight gain, and pave your way to great health as a mature woman.

Get valuable insights reduce menopausal fat gain:

> know your nutritional needs for menopause

 > kitchen cupboard remedies to trigger a master energy regulator

> instill daily habits to enable deeper sleep than you’ve had in ages

> learn delicious practices that improve your fat burning capacity, enhance vitality, and effortlessly reduce caloric energy intake

>  be empowered to nourish your whole body for decades to come

> know how a pack of frozen peas can increase your metabolic rate!!

> natural supports to nourish and enhance healthy hormone production and function

> and SO much more!

Have you looked downwards and wondered “where did that belly come from?!” Or thought that your clothes have shrunk…

It’s common during the menopausal transition to eat the same things, and do the same exercise, yet keep gaining belly fat!

Plus, there’s the exhaustion, overwhelm, and “can’t be bothered” thoughts, not to mention the insomnia, incessant demands and overwhelm of daily life… you might feel there’s no way you can take on anything extra! 

You might feel like you’re on a trajectory to becoming frumpy, grumpy and old.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

There is a way to change that trajectory…

  • Tune inside yourself and tap you internal motivation for your life (and maturation)
  • Simple instructions of 3 easy actions emailed each week (you can choose to do as many or as few as you wish)
  • The actions are designed to layer upon each other, gradually building and generating real, positive shifts (you’ll be feeling better within 10 days or less)
  • Be drip-fed educational insights that makes sense, serve you now, and for the decades to come
  • Have 24/7 access to video, audio, recipes and info sheets for convenience on any device, anywhere
  • Remove the need for expensive supplement regimes, as you draw on evidence-backed herbal, lifestyle and food as medicine
  • Learning platform to ask questions to Sally directly (24 hour turn around)
  • and so much more!

Shape Your Menopause Program is created by leading Australian naturopath, yoga practitioner (ex teacher), and health educator Sally Mathrick. Currently in early post menopause.

Sally is holds three university degrees, is a lecturer and supervisor at Torrens University, and created Sparkle Well School.

Shape Your Menopause Program is designed to support your optimal, individual adaptation during this important maturation process – and reduce menopausal excess fat accumulation as you go.

In the first program 100% of participants responded they would highly recommend the program to their friends and families. All benefited greatly.

One participant actually shed 12 cms around her waistline, and unpacked all the clothes she thought she’d never fit into again!!!

Benefits of Shape Your Menopause

  • Support to relax and de-stress
  • Understanding WHY, to motivate your change capacity and stay on course
  • Apply in everyday life to impact your whole body & mind
  • Use on any device – 24/7 access to information repository
  • Layering actions to build up significant improvements
  • Improve hydration, think clearer and feel more energised
  • Sleep deeper, feel stronger, more flexible, empowered to change
  • Wholesome, vitalising approaches to optimise intermittent fasting
  • Exploration of foods and flavours – delicious medicine!
  • Improve microbiome health, gut health, and overall health
  • Ask and discuss directly with Sally – via the platform
  • Save days of research time – and avoid the confusion of Dr Google
  • Reducing disease risk, and possible “hack harm”, empowering you for a healthy future
  • Woman to woman peer discussions and sharings (if you want)
  • No barrage of supplements – easily applicable, small steps drawing on food, lifestyle and selected supplements
  • Manifesting self-care, filling one’s cup and feeling generous again

Features of Shape Your Menopause

  • Relaxation and breathing practices
  • Using techniques to motivate & encourage
  • Food as medicine insights & application
  • On-demand access to weekly lessons – video, pdfs & MP3 audios
  • Easy steps emailed weekly
  • Appropriate herbal medicines for menopause
  • Lifestyle Medicine insights on sleep, exercise & nature connection
  • Intermittent fasting practice to nourish & rejuvenate
  • Delicious recipes and new food styles
  • Education that speaks directly to the issues we have
  • Knowledge on pathology testing to monitor now and for your future
  • Empowering tools and compassionate lifestyle approaches to keep a healthy weight and body composition
  • Understand and implement ways to build strong bones and muscles
  • Based on Naturopathic traditions to achieve balance and health
  • Three, clear action steps on what to do each week
  • Take 10-15minutes a day for 12 weeks and you will Shape Your Menopause!

What others are saying…

“It’s been awesome. I have gained so much deep understanding.” – Anonymous participant 2023

“Your facilitation style is relaxed and professional, and I felt welcomed to attend each week.” – Anonymous participant 2023

“I liked the pace and style of the sessions, and I feel like you offered a lot of valuable information and advice” – Anonymous participant 2023

“Provides information about so many areas of wellbeing that we all know a little bit about, but have never had the time/motivation to explore, let alone do anything about. Easy, cumulative steps to take to get you in a mindset and on a path to a better you.” – Anonymous participant 2023

“What I love about Sally’s course is that it brings more awareness and mindfulness to total well being. There is a roundedness and a wholeness that nurtures not just the self but self responsibility. Highly recommended.” – Natalie Wild

“…many improvements, generally and in all areas of life; physically, emotionally, spiritually. Dietary changes have contributed considerably.” – Jodie Cornelius

The next 12-week Shape Your Menopause Program starts June 22, in only …


Shed 3cms from your waist with this program (if not more),

or we will give you your money back – no question.

You will also get a bucket load of other benefits. The program is wholistic, compassionate, nourishing, enriching and empowering too!

The aim is to give you the insights to pave your own way.

  • Effective action steps emailed weekly

  • Weekly video sessions with 24/7 access, so watch anywhere anytime

  • Most accurate, effective information curated for you, saving you hours of information searching, sifting and confusion

  • Yummy, nourishing recipes and food styles to increase vitality and enhance metabolism

  • Course forum to ask Sally direct questions – we’ll reply within 24 hrs

  • Actions to reduce your risk of developing common chronic diseases => priceless

=> total value over $2,000

12 week Shape Your Menopause

(price to be confirmed)

Remember, if you don’t lose 3cms or more around your waist from this program, we will happily return your money. We want to see you feeling empowered, clear and capable to shape your menopause!

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