Reset Yourself 2020


A FREE 5-day Virtual Retreat for you to refresh your body & mind

with leading experts in wholistic health.


We are living through such remarkable times. Everyone is being impacted differently, but chances are it’s been a bit of a stressful year for you.

Reset Yourself 2020 is designed to help you manage better. It is a 5 day experience of effective practices, tools and fresh thinking to help you feel strong in body and mind (including immunity). It is intended to empower you to respond in the best way possible to the events unfolding around you, because you feel rejuvenated, more confident and healthy.

Sparkle Well Reset Yourself 2020 is a virtual retreat providing tools to help most people, most of the time. Select and apply those that resonate with you.

There’s no SINGLE way to “reset”, only your way for you.

Join Naturopath Sally Mathrick and other leading wellness facilitators for this FREE 5-day virtual retreat to refresh your body and mind for the season ahead.


Meet your Facilitators:

Sparkle Well Reset Yourself 2020 Virtual Retreat facilitators include these wonderful experts in wholistic health, meditation, yoga, Permaculture & systems change providing some of their insights to empower and encourage you to reset and make your “life more wonderful”.

All of these people are solopreneurs generously volunteering some of their life’s work to support you during this pandemic experience – for the love of it!

Your Host: Sally Mathrick: Practicing naturopath & tertiary health educator, Sally created Reset Yourself 2020 and Sparkle Well to provide tools to enhance both personal and planetary health. She holds university Degrees in Arts, Science & Complementary Medicine.

Day 1: Interview with Erfan Daliri: Social change educator, author and consultant. Erfan is the founding-director of Newkind Conference and holds a Master’s Degree in Communication for Social Change

Day 2: Interview with Morag Gamble: Global Permaculture and Ecovillage ambassador and founder of the Permaculture Education Institute and Ethos Foundation, her registered permaculture education charity

Day 3: Guided Meditation from Jess Huon: Authorised Dharma teacher Jess brings traditional teaching alive in a fresh, feminine, and transformative manner

Day 4: Yoga class from Jessie Chapman: Experienced yoga practitioner & teacher, Jessie is a published author & founder of Radiance Retreats

Day 5: Guided story telling from Charlotte Young: Somatic coach, author and women’s cycles educator

How it works:

Once you sign up, you can download the 5-day Reset Yourself Action Plan to structure your retreat.

You will need to tweak it to suit where you’re at.

Reset Yourself is easy to follow. It doesn’t require a bucket load of supplements, just real food and directed attention.

First up each day there’s a 10-20minute dose of inspiration and direction from Sally Mathrick – Health Educator and Naturopath – to guide you through your 5 day retreat. Also each day, you’ll hear from passionate experts or access some of their professional work.


Remember: If you want to revisit it, you’ll continue to have access to ALL content for TWO weeks.

You can share your insights, wins, challenges and favourite recipes with other participants in the comments. We can all get better together #deliciouswithbenefits #omniwins

It’s so easy – and totally risk free! Join us!


You might be thinking…

“Too much information already!!!”

– You’ll get gems distilled from highly experienced experts

“I’ve tried cleansing and improving my diet, but keep failing!”  

– You get support by joining with others & sharing challenges, successes & recipes

“I can’t stop coffee, alcohol or sugar”

– Don’t worry, you don’t have to. We give you recommendations. You keep it real. Set your own path.

“I can’t handle anymore talking heads!”

– Hearing you!! However, these heads are on people with bucket loads of cred and experience providing pearls of applicable wisdom & immersive experiences to support your reset


Now is the ideal time to be your best version of yourself!