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You can! By adopting easy, doable actions you will create better health, step by step.

Sparkle Well online programs are curated by Australian health educator and naturopath Sally Mathrick

Benefit from decades of practice experience, education and deep insights into health and healing.

Effective and Do-able Sparkle Well Cleanses get you the results you want

21-day Cleanse & Renew

A realistic, health-focused, naturopathic program to steer the metabolic shifts of menopause

Learn more about Shaping your Menopause

Take two weeks to shift Alcohol misuse into Alcohol Free

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Programs are created to build health, vitality and capacity from different stating points.

You might be carrying excess weight, feeling fatigued, stuck in a pattern of alcohol misuse, or feeling like you need to internally "freshen up" - these programs can really help you.

Sparkle Well School Programs are built upon the foundations of naturopathic medicine.

These includes the traditional tenets; stimulate vitality, treat the whole (individual) person, remove/minimise the cause/s, educate, prevention is better than cure & do no harm.

All programs draw on scientifically-evidenced, natural medicines

There is ample evidence for the benefits of natural medicines, if you look in the right places (ie PubMed, AltMedReview, NatMedPro just for some databases). The evidence isn't the same standard used for mainstream, pharmaceutical medicines, but the budgets are very different, as is the risk profile. When the scientific evidence is not available, these programs are based on centuries of empirically validated, traditional medicines.

Sparkle well programs provide targeted lifestyle medicines, nutritional, herbal, yoga as well as nature cure therapies. They are safe and effective.

Be guided, step-by-step, to action processes which ignite you inner healing capacities to rejuvenate you, body and mind.

You are a human being of great potential. Our world needs you in good shape!

We want to help you shine your unique brilliance in the world.