Stop Alcohol Misuse

Shift with Alcohol Free in 14 days

Establish Healthy Habits with Alcohol Use

Stop Alcohol Conversations like…

“I feel like crap after going out with you…”

“You bring out the worst in me…”

“Stop it Alcohol; You take over, and just make a mess for me”

If you were saying these things in a human relationship, you’d change things.

Why not with alcohol too?

Do you need to break up with alcohol? It might be time to stop alcohol altogether or stop alcohol misuse.

Alcohol is woven into our way of life. It’s socially accepted, and expected.  Yet alcohol is the most harmful drug to us when considered through a wholistic lens. According to this study published in the The Lancet in 2009, alcohol is actually more damaging than heroin and crack cocaine!!

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3 Easy Ways to Create a Healthy Relationship with Alcohol

Empowering Actions to put you in the driver’s seat & alcohol in the boot !

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3 Easy Ways to create a healthy relationship with alcohol

Alcohol free in 14 days gives empowering, fresh approaches to put you in the driver’s seat and alcohol in back, or out of the car all together!

Using effective techniques and approaches, and providing support through evidenced herbs, nutrients and Lifestyle Medicine. Based on sound foundations and decades of experience, the program is facilitated by professional Naturopath, Health Writer and Educator Sally Mathrick.


Be Alcohol free AND START RIGHT NOW!

You might be one of the many people thinking…

  • “I wish I didn’t drink as much”
  • “I want to cut down, but not stop forever”
  • “I wish I could sleep better”
  • “I’m in a bad pattern with drinking”
  • “I need a fresh perspective on my lifestyle habits and choices”
  • “I need stop the grog for a while and reset”

You are not alone.

Around 25% of Australian adults engage in at risk drinking. “At risk drinking” means more than 4 standard drinks on a single occasion, or more than 10 standard drinks in a week  (NHMRC 2020)

Alcohol use can turn into misuse. Alcohol can be addictive.

By “Alcohol Free” we mean being at liberty with alcohol. To do and act as YOU want, when you want, in relationship to alcohol.

In Alcohol Free in 14 days, you get increasingly connected what you really want – and what role alcohol plays in that. Then you receive supports to direct your energy to nourishing your automony, and a harmonious relationship with alcohol. And stop alcohol misuse.

Guaranteed to create more spacious drinking habits, feel fresher, confident and empowered in your choices.



Tap your mojo to stop alcohol misuse.

Give some attention to what you really want. Take actions to nourish your dreams into realities.

Create fresh patterns of drinking.

Explore herbal teas. Hydrate with non-alcoholic bevvies. Refresh with juices and super foods.

Insights on herbs, supplements and foods.

Evidenced nutrients and herbs that help reduce cravings and restore balance after alcohol misuse. Ways to create supportive environments,  inside your body and your living spaces.

Rejuvenate your body and Brighten your mind.

Get natural supports for your liver, kidneys, gut and nervous system.

Discover new ways to let loose.

Connect, engage, relax and have fun through rewarding actions, activities, attitudes and treats.

Learn the true costs of alcohol when it takes the driving wheel.

Powerful information to reinforce your decisions to keep alcohol in the back seat.

Create A Nourishing Relationship with Alcohol

Stop alcohol misuse following Alcohol Free in 14 days.

Take two weeks to shift your attitudes and approaches to stop alcohol misuse – you have 21 days access.

Enhance a fresher, fun life.

The program is designed to help you choose the path that suits you. The program accepts the realities of life, and provides reflective, growth-centered approaches to resolve alcohol misuse patterns once and for all.

The program provides compassionate problem solving and step wise processes to help establish your pathway to being alcohol free.

Feel spaciously secure, living with healthier habits and attitudes to enjoy your unique, vibrant, fun, and important life.

You don’t have to give up drinking alcohol forever;  it’s up to you to choose to change how, when, where and why you drink, for your own self-determined happiness and satisfaction.



In 14-days you will…

  • Connect with your deeper needs and desires to direct your choices and stop alcohol misuse
  • Build your capacity for self-discipline and self-determination by leveraging your strengths and tapping deep motivations
  • Set clear, SMART goals to guide your alcohol use and live as your aspirational self
  • Practice reflection processes to build your confidence with each relapse – rather than remorsefully self flagellate!
  • Establish physical internal balance to feel better in your body
  • Nourish your liver and kidneys to function well
  • Learn to balance your mind chemicals and hormones to feel more spacious and free
  • Nurture a calm and strong nervous system
  • Move towards a healthy waistline by consciously eliminating empty calories
  • Practice simple, effective mindfulness techniques to calm, ground and relax you naturally
  • Connect through enjoyable social activities that are fun, wild, creative and alcohol-free
  • Experience deeper, more replenishing sleep
  • Mindfully prioritise quality over quantity
  • Explore new drinks and meals to balance and nourish your whole body and mind
  • Experience the life that vibes of freedom and enjoyment, not anxiety, hangovers and social awkwardness

Your Alcohol Free in 14 days Includes:

Daily inspirational emails to keep you on track
Clarifying short videos providing overviews, stories, hacks and pointers
Clear action steps to get real results
15 recipes to support your kidneys, liver and nervous system
Authentic perspectives to develop a kinder and more grateful relationship with alcohol
Ways to shift from wine down to a true wind down
The dirt file on alcohol. Hard facts on why to alcohol misuse impacts your health, relationships, wallet and waist line
Insights into effective herbal medicines and nutrient supplements (and their doses) to support withdrawal, as well as rejuvenate healthy tissues
Reflection tools to clarify any relapses, and build alternative actions, practices and habits to stop alcohol misuse

Access to all content for 21 Days

(if you want more time, just email us and we can extend it by a week for you)

“I highly recommended the program and have told many of my friends to do it… Best thing is 14 days is not too long, and you get information that is easy to action and will be helpful for many years to come.” – Client, Bendigo

“I’ve found it so very helpful … it has had a huge impact. I haven’t been drinking at all and feel a huge shift. Even when I had a drink this week I stuck to one, and that’s a shift for me, so it’s awesome.” – Jessica B, Sydney

“I found the course content really good and easily digestible over the 14 days…I’ve managed only one beer since I started the course; it was great as used the framework in the course to help me and I really enjoyed that beer last Friday! The best thing was it took the pressure off as I was in my head a bit thinking I can’t drink at all and if I have one I’ll have more, so when that didn’t happen it was pretty good moment.” – Marty C, Belfast

You can tap into your Alcohol free in 14 days Program anytime, anywhere

Designed specifically to help you naturally:

Manage stress better
Lose centimeters due to reduced empty calories
Support engagement in fun interesting things (boredom and lack of connection are key drivers of drinking)
Improve your body’s detoxification capacity
Restore mental clarity
Help you sleep deeper
Understand the real costs associated with alcohol
Most importantly, help you identify what YOU WANT and empower you to live that way.

“Finally an alcohol-free program that deals with the reasons and triggers to ‘why’ we drink, rather than simply enforcing me to stop altogether.” – Angela, Torquay

Who should and shouldn’t do Sparkle Alcohol Free in 14 days?

Reducing alcohol suits everyone. It’s easier when you follow the guidance for safe withdrawal and take steps to build better lifestyle habits.

This program will benefit you by providing fresh insights and ideas to the average Public Health messages, as well as supports from nutritional, herbal and Lifestyle Medicine.

If you are misusing alcohol every day, are drinking 30+ standard drinks per week, this program is an excellent adjunct to individual care and group support. Alcohol free in 14 days alone will not safely meet the needs of long term, alcohol abuse disorder withdrawal, which often requires medical support.

This program is ideal for you if you feel your relationship with alcohol has got out of control. It’s for you if you want to cement positive and healthy habits in regards to your alcohol use.

You can “be the change you wish to see”

“After the past couple of years of my partner and I trying to entertain ourselves at home through two years of lockdowns, with plenty of wine and making creative cocktails, my habits have turned south and the previous ‘healthy’ relationship I once had with alcohol had lost its way. This course was exactly what I needed to get back on track.”  – Rebekah, Sydney

30 day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Sparkle Detox Course, we will happily refund your money in full, no questions asked. However, we’d be super interested to know what you felt was missing or what didn’t meet your needs.