Connect. Clarify. Calm.

“This retreat was nothing short of excellent. Empowering and an opportunity for personal change.”

– Stephen Penman Executive Director Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Restore & rejuvenate your body & mind.

“Blissful, compassionate, supportive, generous, warm, open. It was the most beautifully supported and nurturing detox I have ever been on and I would recommend it 100% to my friends, and will do so!” – Carolyn Tate

For insight into WATER FASTING preparations, grab a cuppa and read Sally’s  blog on “fasting and feasting in Bali”

Access your inner wisdom and healing capacity.

Supported Healing Retreat

DATES TBC: April/May 2022

Access your natural inner calm, through connection with nature, supportive and nourishing cleansing practices (including fasting)

Do you want to…

  • lose weight safely, sustainably & wisely (drop your “iso-belly”)

  • be in nature in a luxurious, safe fashion

  • clear your mind, rest and rejuvenate your body

  • connect with what’s natural, rest and have space to clarify your vision for your world

  • de-stress, unwind and untangle complications in your life

  • develop a manner of living that supports healthy weight management

  • heal pain and inflammation, or just feel freer in your body

  • change the direction of a chronic illness, such as blood pressure, arthritis, pre diabetes, cancer etc

  • be supported and guided to fast in safely and benefit from fasting during the fast and in your future

  • take time to nurture yourself because you are tired, run down or going through transition (like menopause or career change)

  • feel energized, fresh and vital

If you heard yourself saying “yes”, save your place now for your deep rejuvenation!

Feel confident with highly experienced, university qualified, practicing naturopath and facilitators to support you achieve your wellness aims.

We’ve got decades of experience and know-how in the realms of fasting, nutrition, yoga, meditation, supporting people to change unhelpful behaviours and resolve health issues.

These retreats provide personalised attention and support

This means individualised care and space for authentic healing.

Turn around chronic diseases such as IBS, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, low mood, healthy weight management,  managing stress, resolving addictions or anxiety, and more complex chronic health issues with this “line-in-the-sand-retreat-process“.

We draw on the science and traditions of naturopathic medicine, employ evidence-based, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal medicines to support an easy fasting process and enable deep healing and wholistic rejuvenation!

Freshen your body and mind and clarify your vision.

“Worth every moment and not just for the detox. Great people, brilliant facilitation from Sally, lots of extras” – Paul Murphy

Push the ‘reset’ button on your life.


What do you mean by “retreat program”?

We all know that health behaviour change takes time and repeated effort.

We want your week-long residential retreat to be more than nominal lip service. We want you to make real inroads into creating optimal health, and achieve positive health behaviour change. That’s why we have created a program includes a thorough preparation process – involving individual consultations, step by step preparation process prior to the residential – then a follow up consultation and process afterwards. These are designed for you to imbed new nourishing patterns into your new normal, to significantly shift your health trajectory, and achieve the changes you want to make.

Sparkle retreats are held in special, nature imbued venues and are designed to support your optimal health through a 3-step process:

Step 1: A guided preparation program – Individual consultation with experience naturopath to create your individual plan, supplement regime, as well as recommendations for pathology testing and body metrics analyses. You have access to your online Sparkle Detox course to guide your preparation and incorporate intermittent fasting.

Step 2: Your 5 night residential retreat process of deep rest, nature connection followed by pampering and delicious food.  Supported fasting on water and organic liquids contribute to replenishing your whole being. We provide juices, waters, teas and soups, restorative and revitalising yoga, meditation, time and guidance for nature connection and wholistic detoxification and nutrition workshops – all of which will serve you well for the rest of your life. The last few days in luxury accommodation involve a supported breaking of the fast and reintroduction to cleansing foods and future menu planning. You will feel invincible by the time you leave.

Step 3: Embed your chosen health habits into life and continue to reap the rewards for years to come. Follow up one-on-one consultation to establish the health habits that for ongoing strength, clarity and great energy, plus ongoing group chat for peer to peer support.

Glamping in nature followed by luxury accommodation

Spend three nights sleeping in the great outdoors, comfortably in a bell tent with queen bed and crisp sheets. Engage with the wild nature; be without walls for 3 days, hang in hammocks, notice the wind, simplify your moments, cleanse and refresh.

Then enjoy two nights in lovely accommodation, enjoying a well earned bath, massage and delicious meals to reintroduce your system to vital and enriching food.

What’s involved:

  • One-on-one naturopathic preparation, coaching and testing to achieve your health goals

  • Daily naturopathic check-ins & testing onsite during the 7-day retreat

  • Personalised herbal and nutritional medicines

  • Supportive herbs and supplements throughout your retreat prep, process & post fast (personally prescribed*)

  • 24 to 72-hour supported water fast (as appropriate for you)

  • Organic, locally sourced meals, healing broths and juices

  • Two days of guided food reintroduction and menu planning to set you up to succeed

  • Daily program includes meditations, guided movement, yin yoga sessions, guided nature connection inspiration from experienced, gifted facilitators

  • Health and well being workshops – nutrition, menu planning for food as medicine, detoxification & nature connection

  • Knowledge and insight that will support you forever

  • Private healing sessions can be arranged – massage, individual sound healing, psychologist consultations, beautician etc

*Supplement program maximum value of $200

Join us to rest, recharge, heal and touch base with your gorgeous self in our spacious retreat, kissed by nature’s beauty and freedom

You will have spacious privacy, luscious gardens and views over the ocean. Sparkle retreats are thoughtfully curated, ensuring attentive care, yet the spaciousness needed to sink into your healing process

We want you to leave feeling absolutely invincible.

Retreat Pricing

One would think that fasting in nature shouldn’t cost that much, right? You don’t eat anything, so why is it so expensive?

It’s a fair question.

Because it’s often hard to understand the costs of events like these we wanted to give a rationale of the cost of the retreat process, remembering it is a month-long process with a 5 night luxury accommodation.

The pie graph here indicates the costs percentages that make up your retreat cost.

Register Your Interest

This is a supported healing experience

that spans 4 weeks,

with 5 night residential retreat

as the deepest relaxing and healing element

followed by balanced reintroduction to food and housing

It’s a significant investment in your health trajectory

Each participant will sponsor tree planting

We’re partnering with Fifteen Trees to help mitigate the carbon used getting to and running the treat. You’ll sponsor planting a minimum of five trees by coming to the retreat.

We’ll send you a link once they are planted, so you can check in on them and watch them grow.

Access your inner vitality with the support of naturopath Sally Mathrick & friends

Sparkle retreats are based on natural healing practices that gently encourage your vitality to shine. These annual retreats are simple, fresh, effective and imbued with love.

What people say…

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Nurturing, nutritional, loving, relaxing” – Bianca

“Uplifting. Mind and life changing.” – Penny

“A beautiful, supportive, empowering, cleansing experience provided in a beautiful environment by experienced people who are greatly gifted in their healing modalities and so generous in their giving” – Gabrielle

“A must do! This has turned things around for me – We ALL need to do it!” – Judy

“Deeply rewarding. One of the best things I have ever done. So much more than a fasting detox weekend”

“A fantastic opportunity to nuture and pamper yourself and make real inroads into living a cleaner, more vital life” – Jorja

“I wish I hadn’t waited 30 years to try this. Learning fasting was one of the most empowering things of my life, and it was certainly the best thing I did last year to improve myself in some way. It was so much easier than I expected because of the supportive environment.” – Stephen

Previous Sparkle Well Retreats

2019 Bali Healing Retreat, East Bali – A 7-day/6-night tropical paradise retreat, in a villa perched on a cliff overlooking the Bali Sea. The delightful, wise naturopath Lalya Metcalfe co-facilitated, bringing additional naturopathic insights, plus Sufi wisdom and morning walks through the local villages to watch the simple life, as our bodies and minds restored. The talented Georgia MacNevin provided richness with her array of skills in psychology, yoga and kindness. Deep Ecology processes, yoga, sun bathing and meditation, all supported by delightful local healers Pak Sunaria, Madu & Wayan and chefs Wayan Yanti and Eka. This retreat included 24-73 hours of water fasting, and other liquid fasting processes.

2016 Continental House Hepburn Springs, Victoria – Two separate 3 nights/4 days retreats. February retreat featured the knowledgeable Alexis Pitsoplous walking us through the “weeds” of Continental House, and Elinari Webb sharing with us in the kitchen. September retreat had guest practitioner Grant Smith provide a Sound Healing yin yoga session, as well as some Laughter Yoga, and the acclaimed vegan chef Ricky “Raw” Gopinath gave us awesome insights in the kitchen.

2015 Sangsurya Byron Bay, New South Wales – A 6 day/5 night liquid fasting retreat for deep nourishment at the beautiful Zen-inspired rainforest retreat overlooking the ocean. Facilitated by Naturopath Sally Mathrick and friends, including voice coach and Speech Pathologist Carmelle Moore, international musician and sound healer Aviashai Barnatan, movement facilitator Liat Lev Sokal and chef and grand heart Elyjah McLeod.

2015 Continental House Hepburn Springs, Victoria – This 3 day/2 night retreat was set at Continental House and was facilitated by Sally along with Rose Moylan offering Mindfulness, Alexis Pitsoplous providing insight into local flora, vegan chef Elintari Webb and master masseur, Michael Cauce. A stellar team delivering exceptional healing.

2014 Continental House Hepburn Springs, Victoria – 2 x weekend retreats focused on increasing vitality and energy in life. Included soaking in the Hepburn Bath house spa, internationally renown constitutional hydrotherapy with the talented Kelly Galvin, meditation instruction from wonderful heart Jess Huon, naturopathic workshops and yoga with Sally Mathrick.

2013 “Lochinver Country Homestead” Maryborough, Central Victoria – Imagine yourself laying peacefully by a meandering river, lined with magnificent river gums, soaking up the sun, fresh air and calm, feeling centered and grounded from a balanced yoga session, a profound massage or deep restorative sleep or sauna, visualising a successful and joyous life. Held at the heritage homestead by the red river gums and playing platypus.

2011 “The Gums” homestead, Daylesford, Central Victoria–  Raw food, nourishing broths and juicing fasting retreat. Unlimited use of solocarbon far-infra-red saunas, ionic filtered spa, restful yoga, meditation, massage, shiatsu, beauty treatments, big log fires, silence, meaningful conversations and a beautiful forest.


Cleanse your body with optimal nutrition. Sparkle retreats nourish you with water, organic vegetable juices, mineral broths, herbal teas, soups and elixirs

  • Practice rejuvenating yoga
  • Infra red saunas (specific retreats)
  • Hydrotherapy and massage
  • Detox course with supportive tool & supplements
  • Take deep rest


  • Quieten with ‘Noble silence’ practice each day
  • Be guided to relax & meditate
  • Breathing practices that enhance detoxification
  • Emotional medicines via Australian bush flower therapy
  • Free time for rest, nature walks, self care and fun things
  • Be inspired with some fresh thinking, drawn from effective methodologies


  • How to enhance elimination workshop with trained naturopath
  • Preparation process with Sparkle Detox Online course
  • Pre- and post naturopathic consultations
  • Lots of conversations with health experts during the retreat