Wholistic Recovery Program

Establishing a sense of safety in an uncertain world

Wholistic Recovery Program was created for people affected natural disasters.

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What’s in the program?

The course takes a trauma aware approach. It offers tools and tactics that support wholistic recovery after a natural disaster. It considers how to enhance resilience for your physical body, mind and thinking, how to build community and regenerate the environment. It provides supportive solutions from nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, lifestyle medicine, and psychology, to instil small shifts in behaviour that can bring about healing and wholistic recovery.

Topics covered include:

  • Good foods and meals to eat during times of high stress
  • How to best support your nervous system when experiencing shock and trauma
  • Mindfulness techniques to bring calmness and groundedness
  • Sleep supports to help overcome insomnia
  • Immune enhancing foods, herbs and other supports to keep you strong and resilient during recovery
  • Emotional medicines and practices to support you to move through the grief, loss, shock and wide array of emotions
  • Mould prevention and remediation supports to improve the health of your living spaces
  • Excellent resources from experts in Emergency Response and Psychological Support Services

This Program is an evolving project.

We welcome your comments and insights to build more effective supports and resources on how to best manage natural disasters.


Well wishes!!

Rebekah Russell and Sally Mathrick