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Regenerative Food Trends in the Deciding Decade

Ignoring big problems to reduce feeling helplessness is a normal anxiety-defense strategy.

Denial is a valid emotional responses to manage overwhelming despair and disempowerment!

However, with complex problems such as global warming, our lack of action serves only to amplify the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, further contributing to the […]

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Regenerative Food Trend # 8: Waste nothing

We can’t throw things away, because there IS NO “away”.

Where ever you are, it’s all Earth.

Landfill or ocean it all stays with us. If it’s plastic, it stays for a very long while.

Buying bulk generally means less packaging, which means that there’s less packaging waste to throw anywhere.

Sustainable packaging

If you’ve […]

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Regenerative Food Trend # 7: Buy (real food) in bulk

Bulk food shops are an olde-worlde way of grocery shopping, that’s back in fashion.

You may have seen bulk food stores are filled with perspex containers of grains, seeds, flours and often chocolate covered delights. In these stores, you use individual scoops to take the amount you want/need into a paper […]

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Regenerative Food Trend # 6: Eat local-ish and forage

Eating exclusively foods grown in your local area is a noble, but lofty ideal.

Even the most fertile food bowls in the western world, are not capable of feeding all their residents given the current food industry practices.

Nevertheless, aiming to eat foods grown and produced nearby is a worthy goal that […]

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Regenerative Food Trend # 4: Eat Real Food, not “food-like products”

Look at a Greek salad for long enough, and there’s a good chance that your mouth will start watering.

We have evolved alongside real foods and we naturally respond to them. We have all the digestive enzymes and absorption capacity required to digest and use the nutrition contained in real foods.

Real […]

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