The Joy of Dry Skin Brushing

What is dry skin brushing?

Brushing the skin of your entire body BEFORE you shower or bathe.

Four good reasons to do it.

1. Enhance lymphatic flow. Lymph is like the fluid vacuum cleaning force of the tissues. Healthy flow supports cleansing, immune function and […]

Foods & Herbs to optimise liver function

Three herbs for liver cleansing

The long days of summer often mean enjoying more social activities, and with it increased consumption of the foods and beverages that may stray into the “bad” category.

Sometimes there’s often not a healthy choice in sight. It’s not uncommon […]

Lemon Juice and Vinegar – the Why

Here’s 4 reasons why you’d take a sour shot each morning

Most humans with a Western palate are partial to sweet tastes. Sour is rarely a favourite flavour, nor one we are particularly accustomed to. Therefore to voluntarily drink a sour drink of lemon juice or vinegar each morning, one would […]