Alcohol & Meaning in life

If life has no meaning, why not just get drunk every day?!

It’s fair enough to ‘just have a good time’ and enjoy the moment while you can when there’s nothing more meaningful to do.

Similarly, if your freedom to move, your capacity to connect with your community and/or your sense of […]

Regenerative Eating Trend # 3: Fast regularly

Fasting is the voluntary cessation of eating for a defined period of time.

Done well (that is, when well prepared in body and mind) fasting clears, heals and empowers us like nothing else can.

Psychologically, we train ourselves to sit with hunger and discomfort, rather than reacting rashly. This capacity for poise […]

Dealing with digestive bloating from the festive season

Reduce digestive bloating (& other symptoms) during feasting

(4 minute read)

The festive season is synonymous with indulging, and overindulging in special foods and gastronomic delights. Therefore, it’s also often synonymous with bloating discomfort, feelings of nausea or heartburn.

There are approaches that support your enjoyment to prevent or ease distressing digestive disorders, […]

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