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Alcohol, Pleasure & Meaning in life

If life has no meaning, why stop alcohol? Just get drunk every day!!

Why wouldn’t you ‘let loose & have a good time’ if you can’t go anywhere nor do ‘normal’ life?

Scenario: Limit freedom to move and capacity to connect with others; add the threat of a novel virus; sprinkle over […]

9 Healthy Party Hacks: Enjoying Yourself without Sabotaging Your Health

9 Healthy Party Hacks.

Parties easily lead to overindulgence, despite best intentions; that extra chocolate truffle or cocktail, or both! We end up feeling pudgy, hungover, or both!!

Here are 9 healthy party hacks to help you enjoy yourself, not sabotage your health, plus wake up the next […]


Faith in detox

Faith, relaxation & cleansing

Sometimes a book just sits on your shelf for years. It took me a decade to read ‘Conscious Eating’ by Gabrielle Cousens. The procrastination stemmed from biases developed throughout my catholic girls’ school education, my adolescent cynical atheist rebelling against anything pontificating godliness or daring to use […]

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