Ten toxic truths (we are still ignoring)

NOTE: since first writing this blog – 11 years ago – we are likely in a worse condition. Sadly, The Stockholm Resilience Centre released their findings on the impact of toxins (“novel entities”) in February 2022. Here’s their overview.

Marc Cohen, formally a professor at RMIT, presented these 10 toxic truths during 2012. No one wants to know these. Indeed, when I saw his presentation, both at the Australian Integrative Medicine Conference and at The Alfred Hospital’s Integrative Medicine Education and Research evening in September, the audience was sullen to say the least.

Nobody likes the man who brings bad news – Sophocle

These toxic truths are worth knowing. Even if people dislike hearing them. Knowledge is power.

If we know about the depth of the problems, we either

a. Give Up.


b. Change.

I’m hoping these will trigger lots of b. After all, there are LOTs of solutions to help solve these issues.

Buckle up. Below is a concise summary of the Earth’s toxic legacy that is becoming increasingly evident.

1. Toxins are everywhere and every being on the planet is affected.

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are persistent, and take a long time to break down in normal situations.

2. The full extent is unknown.

Toxins are often invisible, harmful and lay dormant or latent for some time. There are over 140,ooo toxic chemicals used commercially, many are still produced in high volume. Very few are tested. Even fewer are tested in combination with others.

3. Chemical cocktails are synergistic

Generally a mix of chemicals together, has a different effect than single substances. The average westerner uses 6-12 body care products a day.

4. Tiny doses can cause a big effect

This is mostly with the toxins which effect hormone function. Rat studies have shown one hormone altering toxin to cause either obesity or underweight in offspring, dependent on dose. Traditionally, dose dictated what is toxic, but not any longer.

5. Windows of development are critical

Certain phases of the life cycle are more critical than others, particularly during development in the womb and during childhood

6. BioMagnification occurs up the food chain.

POPs get stored in fatty tissue and become more concentrated as they move higher up the food chain.

7. Bioaccumulation happens over a lifespan

Fat soluble toxins are not often excreted, but accumulate during the life. They are often passed on to offspring.

8. Kids are more at risk

They have a higher intake of food, water and air per kilo than adults, they absorb more, are more exposed through hand to mouth contact and have immature detox systems.

9. Early exposure leads to latent chronic disease

Concerns about weight control can be linked with exposure to Organophosphates damaging natural weight control mechanisms. We have an epidemic of obesity, and ridiculously high rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and cancer. Creating a direct link is challenging, given the number of variables involved.

10. The effects are epigenetic and transgenerational

A pregnant woman’s exposure affects the unborn child and her grandchildren’s.

Are you still reading?

Then I commend you for not shying away, taking the bull by the horns, and being open to this uncomfortable information.

Two primary texts to inform yourself more are The Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson and Our Stolen Future, by Theo Colburn et al.

Dealing with the emotions that may be stirred up by this is important. Speak to people around you. Or attend a Deep Ecology workshop to shift your emotions and change your perspective of our involvement with our environment entirely.

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