If life has no meaning, why not just get drunk every day?!

It’s fair enough to ‘just have a good time’ and enjoy the moment while you can when there’s nothing more meaningful to do.

Similarly, if your freedom to move, your capacity to connect with your community and/or your sense of safety are reduced, ‘numbing-out’ on a bottle of something provides effective relief. At least for the immediate term.

When personal agency and meaningful activity are reduced, hedonistic behaviour – such as excessive drinking, eating junk food or bingeing on television – is a rational response, suggests social philosopher Daniel Schmachtenberger (Dumbo Feather 2022).

Hedonism is the cultivation of pleasure that provides satisfaction and positive effect with no regard for long term consequence. And in a pinch, hedonism can alleviate anxiety and discomfort. Unfortunately, excessive use of alcohol, junk food and Netflix has many longer term, negative, health consequences.

To complement the hedonism we need to consider eudaemonism too (more about this soon).

It will surprise no one that in the first few months of the pandemic over 25% of Australian adults exceeded the safe alcohol consumption levels of 10 standard drinks per week or less than 5 standard drinks in a single day, according to one study (ANU 2020). The two key drivers were identified as boredom and excessive stress – effects of being locked down and immersed in a period of radical uncertainty. For some, this pattern of drinking has become part of the new normal. It’s a common habit to reach for the fridge after work, to “wine down” instead of actually winding down, despite the options to mitigate stress and boredom have opened up.

Many of us wish we didn’t drink as much, or as often, as we currently do.

By adopting different ways to defrag from your day or process stressful issues, you are able to enjoy a drink (or not), later if you choose. Instead of alcohol being a daily stress management strategy or entertainment focus, it becomes an enjoyable occasion. As a bonus, managing stress in healthier ways, enables your body to more easily detoxify the alcohol.

Dismantling an alcohol-centred lifestyle requires us to build up new ways of acting and relating that manage stress, induce relaxation, and engage our curiosity, attention and personality.

Perhaps more importantly, this means connecting with activities that are meaningful to us.

Meaningfulness and knowing how to use our freedom in effective ways, shifts us from regular hedonistic indulgences and towards daily eudaemonistic activities.

Eudaemonism means obtaining good feeling from acting in a way that produces happiness in the longer term. It comes from the Greek word meaning ‘system of happiness’; comprised of eu ‘well’ + daimōn ‘guardian spirit’, forming eudaimōn ‘happy’.

Eudaemonism is when our unique ‘guardian spirit’ or individual genius is authentically expressed.

Eudaemonic activity, according to sociologist Corey Keyes has many signifiers. The more of these signs that you can identify or adopt into your life, the more likely you are to be thriving, happy, and alcohol free.

Meaningfulness and purpose lead you to your deeper held aspirations – those dreams that are important to you.

Engaging with these strengthens your resolve to live in the radiance of who you really are. In terms of shifting your relationship with alcohol, tapping your aspirations and marrying them with your intentions, creates a steely resolve over addictive tendencies.

If there was ever a time to adopt eudaemonic, meaningful activities, I would suggest ‘the deciding decade’ – i.e. right now – is definitely it.

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Alcohol free in 14 days program – https://learn.sparklewell.com.au/p/alcohol-free-14-days

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