5 steps to tap your Power of Pure Potentiality

As we collectively travel another year together on our beautiful planet, during a period of terrific change, it’s a good time for reflection…

To set the scene for this blog, give yourself 4 minutes to watch The Hubble telescopes insights into our neighbouring Andromeda galaxy.

Like many, I’ve been deepening my understanding of our existence – how it came to be, what it’s for and what might be a good thing to do with it. I’m still full of questions, though do sense that being human right now is something of significance – both individually and collectively.

My thinking has been influenced by others’ work including physicist Brian Swimme, Deep Ecologists such as John Seed and Joanna Macy, and even from learning about nature of slime mould. If we look from a broader lens, formerly ‘out-there New Age’ concepts, and ancient Hermetic principals are increasingly credible in the paradigm of the physical sciences.

Vandana Shiva is a physicist, scholar and international advisor with a tenacity for freedom, sharp intellect and warm-hearted wisdom that is both impressive and motivating. At UPLIFT festival a universal truth that Vandana spoke of was that “THE UNIVERSE IS PURE POTENTIALITY”.  She emphasized that our capacity to manifest or co-create what we desire in our world is based on our capacity to CREATE THE CONDITIONS for their unfolding. Once those conditions are right, the possibility of creation is higher.

Vandana Shiva and Sally Mathrick UPLIFT 2013

This physics concept of creating the conditions is totally aligned with the bottom tier of the “Therapeutic Hierarchy of Healing”, as articulated by Naturopaths Zeff, Snider, & Myers.

Basically, optimal human well being, is founded on creating the right conditions for health to unfold.

A basic level of health requires an environment that sets the scene for optimal health to unfold.

Establishing the millieu for good health to unfold, involves creating daily habits that prioritise general lifestyle medicines including:

  • good sleep
  • clean water
  • healthy nutrition
  • connection with nature & other humans
  • self-reflection
  • fresh air
  • exercise & activity
  • sunlight
  • stress management
  • fulfilling engagement
  • love
  • freedom from addiction and so on.

Sure, this isn’t rocket science. But it is profound in its simplicity. Many of us don’t actually create the conditions that allow for health to flourish. Yet most of us are fortunate to have the power to chose and create these conditions and therefore realise and live optimal in health – to have full energy, intelligence, and capacity to contribute in our unique way.

Characteristics that are really needed right now!

This got me thinking, in this universe of pure potentiality, what could optimal human health look like?

• What’s your energy like? … how do your 75 trillion cells function? … what environment are they surrounded by?
• How are you thinking? … how clear and sharp is your mental capacity? .. what conditions are influencing your thinking?
• What is your quality of presence? … how are you connecting with your internal world? .. what conditions provide you access to this innate wisdom?
• How authentic are you? … how well are you living your unique version of humanity? .. what conditions encourage your unique expression?

5 tips to Create the Conditions to tap Your Health Potential

1. Structure your daily life.

The body-mind loves rhythm. Regularity of sleeping and waking, relaxing and exercising, playing and working, eating and pooing, being social and being solitary etc. A harmonious structure in your life, as it rolls on a day-to-day basis, can provide the rhythm needed for the process of well being to unfold.

2. Provide quality nourishment for your bodymind.

Choose the best vital nutrition, hydration, fresh air, nature and sunlight available to you.

3. Continue to learn and evolve.

Surround yourself with things you like, that inspire you, that encourage creativity, play and that tickle your curiosity. Converse with engaging people, choose to look outside your habitual subject area to expand and reignite your interest. Be willing to learn and try new things. Be open and flexible. Keep an open mind, so that new concepts and ideas can be entertained and take root if they feel right for you.

4. Allocate time and space for sweet nothing.

Rebalance, integrate and self reflect. Schedule in time to “Do no-thing”, and make that scheduled meeting time as an appointment as important as any other. Tune into what’s going on around you. Practice mindfulness. Take a millisecond right now to stop doing and just be…

5. Start with a single step.

Even micro movements can add up to profound change. It’s up to you to take the step. What ever you do to bring more love, joy and well being into your life may have a ripple effect throughout all life, and at the least it will certainly impact you and your experience of life.

The point is that YOU are part of all of it!

What would you like to introduce to your life to create better conditions for your optimal health? What ever it is, go ahead. Create those conditions now.

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