Hydrotherapy is using water therapeutically

Water heals us

Hydrotherapy is the use of water as a healing agent.

This use can include internal hydration, but mostly hydrotherapy refers to water applied to the skin. This can happen through bathing, showering or applying wet cloths to the body. A key guideline to home hydrotherapy is to always ensure your core body temperature is warm before any application of cool or cold water. One easy application of this, is having a warm shower, and ending it with cool or cold water. Water can be applied warm or cool (hot or cold is used too, but leave that to the trained hydrotherapists).

Water is a great conductor of temperature.

Essentially, hydrotherapy gently stimulates the flow of the blood.

Movement of blood into different parts of the body, delivers nutrition and oxygenation and allows for removal of wastes. In this way, hydrotherapy is gently healing and cleansing. The benefits of hydrotherapy include enhancing immune function. It has been shown to enhance resilience over winter, which is witnessed in Iceburgers around the world.

“Water is the first medicine. We are water babies” – One of the thirteen indigenous Grandmothers, Anges Barker

You might discover that using hydrotherapy is both invigorating and relaxing.