9 Healthy Party Hacks.

Parties easily lead to overindulgence, despite best intentions; that extra chocolate truffle or cocktail, or both! We end up feeling pudgy, hungover, or both!!

Here are 9 healthy party hacks to help you enjoy yourself, not sabotage your health, plus wake up the next day feeling great.

Healthy Party Hack 1: Always drink a glass of water when you first arrive.

Drink before you leave home too. Quench any thirst you may have. This way you can slowly sip your first alcoholic drink, rather than scull it down because you’re thirsty. Also, sometimes hunger masquerades thirst.

Healthy Party Hack 2: Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones.

Sparkling mineral water. Soda with fresh lime. Norfolk Punch mixed with sparkling water. Bitters lime and soda water. All super refreshing alternatives to reach for. Maybe you can’t drink 1 for 1, so try for 1 glass of water for every 2 bevvies, particularly if the weather is warm.

Healthy Party Hack 3: Be aware of “Eyes-bigger-than-belly” syndrome (EBTBS).

(I made that acronym up. Unlikely it will catch on, but you never know…) There is no need to sample everything on the smorgasbord. In the spirit of abundance, it’s easy to pile up too much food. Perhaps this is some subconscious survival mechanisms from our time on the savanna, or an inherited memory from the Great Depression. Remind yourself, you will have the opportunity to eat again.

Healthy Party Hack 4: If you can’t remember how many alcoholic drinks you’ve had, you’ve had too many.

Binge drinking has been defined as 4/5 standard drinks (women/men) in any one session. Binge drinking causes brain damage. It’s your brain, you decide how you treat it. Please look after it. It is so precious.

Healthy Party Hack 5: Stick to one alcoholic drink per hour

A key healthy party hack is to stick to one alcoholic drink per hour. If you decide to do this, but can’t stop drinking, it’s a great idea to check out Hello Sunday Morning for some awesome resources to empower you. Sparkle Well Alcohol Free in 14 days has many effective supports to curb your use, and change your way with alcohol. You can start today…

Healthy Party Hack 6: Use a small plate.

Recenty, the studies showing that using a small plate reduces food intake in normal life have been questioned. However, if  “eat everything on your plate” was a mantra of your childhood, then it stands to reason to put less on it. Using a smaller plate or bowl does this, as you can’t put as much on it (as per point 3), and consequently you will eat less.

Healthy Party Hack 7: Celebrate, savour and enjoy discretionary treats.

Admire, smell, be sensuous, and be present with eating and drinking celebration (aka discretionary) foods. If you’re busy socialising, you won’t be so present with what you’re consuming. So why not leave the high fat, high sugar, high alcohol, high energy ‘naughty’ treat, until you can give it your full attention? That way you can enjoy it to the max.

Healthy Party Hack 8: For every event you attend, make the primary objective be celebrating the people there.

Contemplate the quality of communication and connection you want to enjoy and develop. Think how you might contribute in a positive manner to others’ experiences there. Make your personal interactions the primary focus for your enjoyment. Celebrate your colleagues, family, friends and new friends! If you don’t enjoy the people there, don’t go! If you’re obliged to go, focus on the good outcomes that going will bring for you, and see if you can turn it around to really enjoy your connections.

Healthy Party Hack 9. Consider the many foods and supplements that can help.

Many supplements and foods can support your gut lining and microbiota, boost your ability to digest, rebalance your brain post alcohol intake, help quench free radicals generated from excesses, among other things.

Foods and supplements I regularly recommend include coconut water, Vitamin B complex tablet, soft poached eggs, St Mary’s thistle seed and Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in water. You could try any of these, to see if they work for you. Ideally, have a personalised program developed by your naturopath to ensure the prescription benefits you.

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy and celebrate each and every moment to its upmost!

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