Eight regenerative eating trends to nourish the planet during the “deciding decade”.

What if every mouthful you ate generated a positive impact on global warming, nurtured great personal health, plus paved a regenerative path for our collective future?

The truth is, even in these uncertain times, what we choose to eat has a relationship to other systems across our planet. Leveraging the relationships between your food and our planet’s health is a powerful way we can create the world we all want.

Nay-sayers may insist that only industry leadership and governmental policy will generate the level of change required. There’s no argument that major systemic changes can be implemented more readily from the “top”.  It’s obvious that subsidies, tariffs and trade practices must be addressed and reconsidered using regenerative practices and appreciative thinking. Large scale solutions such as global seaweed farming, collective solar power networks and broad-scale regenerative agriculture also require significant commitment and investment. Hopefully one day soon there will be leadership to pave these ways.

We know that adopting systemic change and large scale support needs new ways of thinking, processing and consuming. Essentially, we all –  producers, consumers and regulators – need a paradigm shift in how we approach life on Earth.

This change can be supported at every meal.

Even as an individual your every bite impacts planetary health. Each bite can contribute to reducing carbon emissions, increase carbon capture (sequestration), support industries that are contributing to health of the environment, as well as send a message to the marketplace about what consumers of the 2020s demand. In addition, the eating (and non-eating) choices outlined below benefit individual health, making humans healthier, smarter and potentially more resilient and capable to manage the challenges we all facing. Personal health contributing to Planetary health.  Collectively, we create the world.

Here are 8 short blogs detailing regenerative food trends, which show how your food choices contributes to creating both individual and planetary health. Simply click on the title to access the blog:

WAY # 1: Eat meat as a side

WAY # 2: Aim to eat 50 different foods each day

WAY # 3: Fast regularly

WAY # 4: Eat real foods, not food-like products

WAY # 5: Grow food

WAY # 6: Eat local-ish and forage

WAY # 7: Buy real food in bulk

WAY # 8: Waste nothing

Wrap Up: Deciding decade and gratitude

This blog series is in Torrens University Research Output listing

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