Fasting is the voluntary cessation of eating for a defined period of time.

Done well (that is, when well prepared in body and mind) fasting clears, heals and empowers us like nothing else can.

Psychologically, we train ourselves to sit with hunger and discomfort, rather than reacting rashly. This capacity for poise enables us to wait for the right food choice to be available. It also gives us the confidence of knowing we can go without food for a period of time, if food was in scarce supply.

When done well, we break the fast with real foods, as described in this blog Two steps to breaking your fast and Seven top fast-breaking snacks.

Individual Health Impacts

The benefits of fasting effect most body systems. A mountain of research from both scientists and clinicians show that fasting has both physical and mental benefits; most markedly on the gut and with blood glucose regulation. Research, pioneered by Victor Longo and his team, have successfully detailed the biochemical effects of fasting to reduce inflammation, generate stem cells, destroy (autophage) damaged cells, as well as reduce excess fat stores.

Planetary Health Impacts

In my opinion, when we become practiced at fasting, it more possibile to think in fresh ways about consuming. This consumption is not restricted to food, but also of other commodities too. The consumer, throw-away practices which have been integral to the industrial revolution and modern market place, are fundamentally challenged by fasting and what it beckons.

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