This old fashioned, natural remedy is such a boon to health. And easy to add to your daily regime.  There are many benefits to doing so. In short it supports an environment for optimal digestion, for the proliferation of good bacteria and promotes an anti-inflammatory environment inside your body.

5 guidelines on how to use Lemon juice or vinegar

1. Use the right stuff.

Fresh lemons if you have them – the juice from half a lemon is perfect. If lemons are not in season, you can use organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) which has a cloudy ferment in it (known as ‘the mother’). This gives the additional benefit of living bacteria for your gut. My preference is Japanese Umboshi plum vinegar. This is a pink vinegar made from some of the most alkaline- forming plums in the world, and (for me) is easier to drink than ACV. If the only thing you can access is vinegar from the supermarket, you will still get some anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits, however the flavour will be significantly different, and you will miss out on the added bonuses inherent in traditional vinegars and lemon juice.

2. Dilute it with filtered water.

Use a little or a lot of water depending on your needs. Use warm water in winter. Never pour boiling water over the juice or ACV as some of the compounds in them are delicate and will be destroyed by the heat. Generally to 10-20 ml of lemon juice or vinegar, you would have anywhere from 20-100ml water.

3. Adjust to your taste.

Try mixing it into water infused with chopped ginger in the winter time to help warm it up. Or some infused fresh mint leaves during summer time. If the sour is just too much for your palate to bear, try it with ½ teaspoon of non-heat treated honey. Still intense, but much easier on the throat.

4. Save your tooth enamel.

After drinking it, always follow it with some water. This is more to rinse your mouth, and prevent any tooth enamel damage occurring from exposure to the acids.

5. Follow what your body is saying.

Is it working for you? Is it making you gag? Or do you drink it and enjoy the fresh punch it provides? Tune into your gut to assess if this is right for you at this point in time. Your mind might very well be protesting loudly, so try not to engage with it’s shenanigans too deeply.

What a wonderful and simple way to maintain great health!

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