One of my favourite nutrition boosting tips is to sprinkle a few seeds into everyday eating.

All seeds have different nutritional profiles, but most are high in minerals, contain proteins and good fats.  What a great parcel!

You’re probably buying seeds from a supermarket or health food shop. The yummiest way to prepare them is also very nutritious. Toasting helps to reduce the naturally occurring phytic acids (which will bind up many of the good minerals in the seeds), however you will be loosing out on some of the good fats because they get destroyed by the heat.

What to do:

1. Select your seeds mix. Here I’ve used sunflower, sesame, linseeds, poppy seeds and pepitas. Don’t toast up hemp seeds, best to have them cracked raw.

2. Put seeds into a heavy frying pan

3. Slowly increase the heat to cook them, stirring as you go. The pepitas will start to pop, and the other seeds start to brown. This is when they are almost done.

4. Store in a jar to sprinkle over cereals, salads or vegetables.

As an additional taste sensation, drizzle with tamari (fermented soy sauce) or lemon juice and Himalayan salt once they are cooked.

The ultimate way of consuming seeds is to eat freshly harvested, organic seeds that have been soaked for a few hours, and subsequently dried at below 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) and are stored in the fridge in sealed jars. If you have the time to do this, you will have the most nourishing seeds, clean from moulds, reduced phytic acids and wherein the deactivating enzymes have been activated. If you don’t, then just toast them up.

In any case, enjoy seeds as one corner stone of your diet.

Nutritious AND Delicious!!!