Here’s 4 reasons why you’d take a sour shot each morning

Most humans with a Western palate are partial to sweet tastes. Sour is rarely a favourite flavour, nor one we are particularly accustomed to. Therefore to voluntarily drink a sour drink of lemon juice or vinegar each morning, one would need a pretty good reason. Here are four:

1. Better digestion

The gastrointestinal track requires acidic pH to function well, and both lemon juice and vinegar have a very acidic pH. If you start drinking either each morning, you could notice an effect within a week (if it’s right for your system).
 One of my current questions, is does this practice of lemon or vinegar help to reduce sagging jowls that commonly occur with aging.  The Austrian “Mayr detox process” relates dropping jowls to poor digestive function. Co incidently (or perhaps not) the meridian for the stomach is directly above the jowels. The potential of this effect alone is sufficient reason for some of us to down a sour shot each morning!

2. Anti-inflammatory

Acetate, the salt of acetic acid,  is considered to be anti-inflammatory according to ABC Catalyst program. I couldn’t find the studies they derived this claim from, however if it’s true, how wonderful for us! Given the latest hypothesis that a low grade inflammation of our systems underlies most chronic diseases – referred to as metaflammation – drinking this can provide an anti-inflammatory nudge.

3. Nutritional hit

The main nutrient (IMO) is potassium, which is an essential mineral and often out of balance due to the high levels of sodium (salt) in the standard diet. Vinegar also contains dietary polyphenols (compounds often associated with health giving practices). Lemon juice is a fabulous source of vitamin C too, among other supportive nutrients.

4. Makes you strong

When you do something because you set your mind to it, despite part of your mind strongly protesting, you get stronger. You have more control over the whims of your protesting ego mind. You toughen up. You take control and responsibility. Go tiger.

Other benefits are listed throughout traditional sources and health blogs, which suggest many wonderful and varied benefits, from radiant skin and hair to a reduction in toe tinea.

No-one has yet invested the $12mil required for a randomised controlled trial to test these claims about simple home remedies. My suggestion is gather your own evidence. Try it for a week, and see how it feels for you. If okay, try it for a month.

Let us know how you get on!

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