What is the healing power of nature?

How does healing happen?

Healing has an awe-inspiring aspect to it. When attributed to a human, that person becomes more than human. Like Jesus or John-of-God, they become God-like and capable of great magic. It’s no wonder the witches (herbal healers of centuries past) were accused of magic (and tortured to death because of it), and why many doctors and surgeons today are treated with such god-like reverence. All have a role in enabling healing to happen.

So, what is this healing force that is evident when we heal?

Naturopathic medicine calls it ‘The healing power of nature’ – the viz mediatrix naturae – it is a harmonising force which prevails when the conditions are right… when healing happens. When we allow it, it happens all the time. You will see it when a skin cut heals over, or a bruise dissipates.

But, what is IT?

It isn’t the medicinal substance – the herb, pharmaceutical, or physician – although, like the surgeons and witches, these play a role in supporting the action of healing.

This regenerative life affirming capacity is something we are yet to find an adequate definition of. Perhaps it’s some invisible glue that keeps everything together…

How powerful is it?

Will this healing power of nature withstand the plight of the industrial revolution homo sapiens?

I reckon.