8 easy ways to support our environment

The level of toxicity on our planet is something we’d all rather not think about too much.

It’s overwhelmingly painful to think about the plastic in the oceans, the hormone disruption among species, the astounding levels of chemicals being continually manufactured and poured into our environment, damaging the soil, waterways and air, and climate change.

Read about the Toxic Body Burden, and some emotional support strategies for more information and strategies for emotional support.

Sometimes it feels a overwhelming, and as though there’s no way out of the toxic quagmire that we’ve created with the industrial revolution. But I don’t think that’s true.

We are constantly changing. Both the earth and our bodies have natural detoxification systems that cleanse, and potentially evolve, to survive and thrive. Death and destruction is certainly an option, but so is transmutation and rejuvenation.

If we create the opportunities, and the environment, for that life affirming process to happen, it will.

8 ways to detox our world

Recognise that we live on a planet that is utterly interconnected.

When we have this at the forefront of our minds, we make better choices. We know that when we choose to produce or use products with hormone disrupting effects, it not only disrupts human hormones, but also the hormones of the other living beings it touches. Likewise, when we choose to buy truly, eco-friendly products, they not only stop any increase in your “toxic body burden”, but also the Earth’s.

Maintaining awareness of our deep interconnectedness in the forefront of our minds, means we make decisions from that understanding, and become discerning with our actions.


Support organic food and manufacturing.

Buy spray free, grow your own, get involved with local organic shops and farmers markets. Foods grown with organic methods not only avoid using poisons, they also nurture good soil, air and water ecosystems. Always wash fresh produce that you buy (whether organic and conventional) in water and white vinegar to get rid of the dust accumulated during travel.


Buy less. Buy with discernment.

Don’t support the chemical and manufacturing industries to act irresponsibly by buying products that pollute water ways, land fill or the air. Ask yourself a couple of questions before you purchase, such as:

“What happened in the production of this item?”

“Where will this be in 20 years?”

“Do I really need it?”

“Is this something that affirms life?”

or other questions that suit your philosophy better (interested to hear yours in the comments below).

Consider your reasons and motivations to purchase something, and consider if there’s an emotional need that can be met in a different way.


Avoid stuff:

Avoid plastics – particularly single use plastics on foods like that which lines canned food and cling wrap. However all plastics are problematic as they take a long time to biodegrade and seep toxins into the earth’s system when they finally do start to. Plus they are made of fossil fuels

Avoid non-stick pans – these chemicals are particularly toxic to living systems.

Avoid processed foods – particularly those with artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Avoid toiletries that haven’t got the tick of approval from EWG.Org – Skin Deep database. Avoid all products that contain sulphates, benzoates, parabenes or fragrances.


Limit the amount of sea fish you eat.

It would be a wonderful idea to leave the oceans alone to rebalance themselves. Reduce your intake of sea fish, particularly large fish which have bioaccumulated more toxins.

Look to plant sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids, such as hemp seed and chia seeds. Ideally organically grown.


Enjoy exploring of the Kingdom of funghi.

It is such a remarkable Kingdom of life, which holds so many solutions for detoxifying the soils of our earth and to a lesser extent, our bodies. Enjoy eating organic funghi regularly. It’s quite an adventure.


Nourish good bacterial colonies in your gut and on your skin.

Our bodies are ten times more bacterial cells than human cells. Seriously! Many bacteria are essential for healthy immune function. Our skin has bacterial colonies, as well as a sheen of waxes and oils, that are necessary for optimal health. Use castille soap, eat fermented foods, avoid ‘anti-bacterial’ cleansing products, particularly tri-closan containing ones.


Undertake regular “Detox” periods.

Why not check out the Sparkle detox program! Sparkle Wellness and Detox is a step-by-step method of detoxifying safely and effectively, to ensure you have the building blocks and capacity to cleanse well. Sparkle approaches detox from a wholistic perspective; dealing with mind and emotions, as much as physical and environmental aspects. Tweak it to fit your life.

There are many ways to cleanse our world, to detox the realms of our lives. Please feel free to share in the comments below!


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