Navigating social life during your cleanse

Contingency planning for wholesome partying

We get inspired, motivated and start to rejuvenate our bodies, then suddenly fall prey to the temptations of life – parties, coffee catch ups, after work drinks, just one little choc-top at the movies etc. etc. etc. – and our enthusiasm for clarity, vitality and alkalising our bodies, goes out the window.

Some of us might hear ourselves say “Life’s short..” and jump head first into the party, leaving our health change intentions in the dust.

It’s normal. And life IS short!!

There are so many convenient, feel-good activities inherent in “normal life” which are not physically health-giving, but might nourish us emotionally and mentally. Sharing a tasty cake and sweet, warm milky drink with a friend. Cheers-ing bubbly or beers with mates. Celebrating with a huge feast and wines to match. These are wonderful (and privileged) aspects of living that can make life so wonderful.

Just because you’ve decided to rejuvenate your body, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.

When undertaking a cleanse, how does one still enjoy the occasion without imbibing the sugar, caffeine, alcohol, bad fats or other non-alkalising “treat” generally associated with it?

Here are some navigation tools for detoxing AND being social and special occasions.

Some are actions, some are attitudes. Use those that resonate with you. Adjust them to suit your life. Or share your strategies in the comments below.

Set your intention and visualize your experience

Think forward to the event. Visualise yourself being in top ‘you’ form. Imagine yourself connecting with people, having a laugh, interesting conversations and a seriously great time.

Make the decision that the people you will meet and connect with will provide the nourishment and satisfaction your require (if they don’t, why hang there? Value your time and leave early. You’re ‘detoxing’, so you have a great excuse!!).

Plan your ‘party substance’

You might decide you can have one alcoholic for the evening (not recommended in Sparkle Well Cleanse Course during Phases 3 and 4). If you do decide to have one, ensure you have the best quality available, savour and celebrate each sip. Drink it after being at the event for a few hours, and not when you first arrive. That way, you’ve already settled in, and you’re not tempted to have another five. Make sure you acknowledge and congratulate yourself for enjoying just one.

Another option is to enjoy some adaptogenic herbs, which can support energy levels. Speak to your local herbalist about what’s suitable for you. Adaptogenic herbs include Siberian ginseng, Korean ginseng, Withania, Gotu Kola and Tulsi. Or perhaps opt for a matcha, cacao or macca concoction. Whilst they won’t inebriate you, they might give you a little edge to enhance your energy for the night.

Plan for your hydration and sustenance

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance… so put in place things that really support your healthy partying.

• Mention to the host that you’re on a restricted eating and drinking program, and that you might need alternatives to the average offerings
• Drink plenty of water prior to the event
• Wear your dancing shoes and clothes
• Eat a healthy meal prior to the party
• Take stuff with you. For example a plate of dairy free houmous or pesto and crudité: fruit and herb infused water as a delicate treat
• Arrange for bitters with lime and mineral water, sparkling water with lime wedge, Virgin Mary’s or mocktails to be available at the bar, instead of alcohol
• Choose for a cacao hot chocolate (with coconut milk) or herbal tea, instead of coffee

Give yourself some loving support

Reflect on your use of sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, salty or fatty foods at social events. Compassionately tune into and observe any insecure aspects of yourself that may habitually use drinking or eating as a safety blanket in social situations. Simply acknowledging these needs can sometimes be enough to liberate yourself from them.

If not, then having a “rescue device” such as a band around your wrist, a straw, a squeezy stress ball, or an effective breathing technique can help resolve nervous tension, or you might recognise a better method of managing social anxiety (just as a heads up, I know you are a precious important human being).

Offer to be the designated driver

This can be a win for the others going with you too. It’s likely they will not exert peer pressure on you to join in drinking when you’re looking after them. Also, you have the role of being the supporter of the night (often the confidant of drunken truths too!). Just make the proviso that you can call the time you leave, so you don’t have to hang around until the early hours if you don’t want to.

It is easy to have an absolute ball without having the normal ‘treats’ associated with socialising. You know this. Maybe you remember this as ‘play’ when you were a child. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right, curious, relaxed, loving and enthusiastic head space to start with, whilst simultaneously valuing your decision to look after yourself and optimise your vitality.

As a bonus, you’ll feel fantastic the next morning!

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