Fresh air?

Our air matrix is so often overlooked as a determinant of health.

Our air is increasingly polluted, with all manner of particulate matter (PM) also know as ‘smog’. This enters us along with the gases we do need for our physiology to function. We imbibe many compounds with our oxygen supply. It’s suggested that jogging in polluted cities is bad for your health, because the fuller respiration draws air very high in particulate matter, deep into the lungs.

Additionally, studies in Canada (some carried out by David Suzuki Foundation) have definitively demonstrated increases in asthma on “smog alert” days. Actually, they did that decades ago.

This kind of data is now being collated and been given the funky name of ‘exposome’.

Air quality affects both our individual health and the planet’s health.

We are utterly interconnected with this matrix of air. One of the key sustaining forces of life is our air.

If you don’t believe this, just hold your breath and think about it for a while… (a Deep Ecology Dad joke)

Human health and the Earth’s “health” are indivisible.

The cleaner the air becomes the better we will all be.

Medical technology is developing to measure a wider variety of compounds existing in the average exhalation.  Up to 3,500 different compounds have been identified in peoples’ breath.

The average healthy person’s breath has around 200 different compounds in it, including with the Carbon Dioxide we learn about at school.

This number of compounds, illustrates what a powerful organ of elimination the lungs can be.

Breathe out fully and support your daily detoxification.

My favourite 10 second breathing practice is this:

Breathe out fully.
Breathe out more (Draw in on your stomach and core muscles).
Release all muscle tension (particularly in the jaw).
Open the chest.
Allow the inhalation to enter.

Practice regularly through out the day. Enjoy the relaxation. Support the excretion of those excess compounds.

A contemplation:

What we inhale fills our lungs, then permeates into our bodies.  The absorbed breath contributes to our functioning and rebuilding of our physical structure. As we exhale, one part of that breath contributes to the function and structure of plants (who produce the oxygen we breath in to receive).

Just to add a little more ‘remarkability’ to it, the internal structure of lungs resemble upside down trees. 

Something might be going on here…


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Sprinkle the sparkle around.