pH: The key to healthy body tissue

The importance of environment has been frequently understated and undervalued.

Yet, environment is crucial and fundamental to existence! We are beginning to recognise the public health effects from polluted air, water and soil, but what about the effects of the environment inside the body?

The living human system is profoundly dynamic. One aspect that we can influence, which has a blanket effect on physiological function, is the internal environment’s pH. The body’s pH is naturally balanced for life’s biochemistry to take place; this is referred to as ‘the acid/alkaline balance’.

Whilst the blood has one pH range, saliva, urine and digestive fluids all have their own pH ranges for optimal functioning. The pH range of the blood must stay within the range of pH 7.35 to 7.45. Anything either side of this range warrants a trip hospital!

One key component of establishing natural health is to keep the body’s fluids in the ‘more-towards-alkaline’ side of the healthy pH range.

What you eat, how you manage stress, the medications you take and how you live your life all influence the acid- base balance of your body tissues.

Traditional naturopathic practice recognise that being ‘more-towards-acid’ side of the range, results in greater reactivity and a mild form of inflammation. For example, Osteoporosis is associated with internal acidic pH. Mild inflammation of the metabolism is closely associated with the major chronic diseases; cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Inflammatory reactions that occur in arthritis are also associated with ‘more-toward-acid’ pH range in the body. Similarly cancers grow in a ‘more-towards-acid’ pH but not in a ‘more-towards-alkaline’ one. Additionally there is a hypothesis that the pollutants in our environment – referred to as anthopogens – are contributing to the mild form of ‘metaflammation’ that we see in many chronic disease states.

By helping your internal environment to maintain an internal pH in the ‘more-toward-alkaline’ side of the healthy range, the body tends to be less prone to inflammation. Plus, you’ll feel more grounded, and you will have better reserves to deal with additional toxic load in your body. Also you’ll have a lesser risk of developing chronic disease.


Tips to establish a healthy ‘more-towards-alkaline’ environment inside:

• Eat plenty of fresh, organic vegetables Vegetables have a higher potassium sodium ratio. They help to alkalise your interior
• Include fresh herbs in your diet
• Consume plenty of mineral-rich plant foods including seaweeds, bananas, leafy greens, seeds and nuts
• Prioritize getting enough sleep, rest and relaxation
• Breathe deeply. In particular, exhale fully
• Master your stress (reflect back the intention of your wisest self)
• Indulge in thinking that evokes compassion (for self and others), curiosity, joy, creativity, peace, calm, resolve and gratitude
• Drink sufficient, filtered or natural mineral water

Minimise these practices to optmise internal conditions:

• Avoid highly refined and processed foods – especially ones made with hydrogenated fats
• Avoid synthetic chemicals in food
• Reduce your exposure to pollution
• Reduce drugs like sugar, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine (or avoid entirely)
• Reduce your consumption of wheat foods – refined breads, pastas and baked goods
• Limit your animal protein intake; both diary and meat
• Don’t indulge in thinking that exacerbates stress and makes you feel regret, blame, anxiety, anger, disappointment, shame or guilt
• Become aware of shallow breathing, and alter it
• Avoid drinking sugary and carbonated drinks

Keep making small changes to your diet and lifestyle.. they all add up to enhance your natural detoxification capacity and make you sparkle!


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